Vova Vorotniov x Ksenia Schnaider project is a collaboration between the artist and fashion designer, which resulted in the siree of artworks (abstract compositions made out in the artist’s original manner of  Ksenia Schnaider`s  clothing mixed with everyday objects). The project is about being on edge between art and fashion, pushing the limits forward, and interdisciplinary aesthetic communicationVova Vorotniov & Ksenia Schnaider.





Vova Vorotniov is the artist with graffiti background, also known in the street-art scene as Lodek. “One of my non-street project was the serie I called ‘abstrash-trouvé’ (mix of terms abstract, objet-trouvé (found object or readymade) and trash). I do abstract compositions out of common objects and materials, found at my home, using them instead of paint. Ksenia proposed me to ‘paint’ with her new collection clothes and I found it pretty interesting.

“ This is very spontaneous project. When I’ve seen Vova’s artwork picture on the web, it was small preview, I thought it was something like oil painting. However, when I’ve made it larger, I discovered it was… pieces of plastic, sponge and banana. I liked this visual trick and the irony behind. And  it all fitted well to my last bright and colourful collection”